I’ve always been connected to the spiritual world.

Growing up I always felt a deep connection with nature, and as this relationship developed I began to realize the magic of the Universe. At four years old I began sensing the presence of Angels as well as the dead. Growing up in a devout atheist home made me realize home was not a place that could recognized the levels of reality I was tapping into, and as a result I kept it a secret from everyone until adulthood. By that point I was meeting like-minded souls who understood the existence of different levels of reality.

In 1990 I was introduced to Tarot and Divination cards, which changed my whole practice. I connected instantly and it became very clear that my soul had done this before.

A few years later, I was introduced to Reiki and it was the same feeling again of being familiar to my soul without the firsthand experience. The Reiki Master who initiated me told me that this would change the way I did readings dramatically and she was completely correct. Reiki has allowed me to connect deeper on an intuitive level with my clients. Becoming a Reiki practitioner also opened up an entire world of being able to do remote work for my global clients.

It was around this same time that I was taught how to do a Feather Cleansing, which is similar to the practice of saging someone. This sacred practice allowed me to be able to clean people’s energy while also allowing me to read people with a feather, similarly to how I do with intuitive reading and Reiki.

I love doing the work that I do. The transformative reactions I get from the people I work on feeds my soul. My purpose is to help guide people on their journey through healing.