Pick Your Own Deck

Pick Your Own Deck

Years ago I was the Manager of a mystical, metaphysical bookstore in Atlanta. One Monday morning a customer was explaining to me how they thought one obtains a deck. “I was told that someone has to give it to you,” they said. 

We were talking about decks because I asked them if they would like to get a Reading. They started confessing that they had always wanted to learn how to read cards but were waiting for someone to give them a deck. They were still waiting… to no avail. I was happy to be able to explain to him that this theory didn’t really make sense. 

Imagine… you suddenly realize that you would like to work with cards. But now you have to sit down and wait until someone else sees that in you and rescues you with a deck that is just for you?! It is counter-intuitive to do it this way. 

It was one of those quiet Mondays that threatened rain all day and never delivered. There were no other customers in the store. So I took them on a tour of the store with the intention of opening their eyes to so much of what was out there. I wanted to expose them so much that it would be impossible to go back to a previous sheltered understanding.

Picking out your own deck is similar to buying clothes. You go with what your eye is attracted to, what you feel comfortable with, and if you see yourself in the deck. Another consideration is can you afford it (they come in a range of prices)? Like clothes, you are probably going to want more than one deck. It’s like having more than one outfit in your wardrobe. Just like I have different outfits for different styles and moods, I have different decks for different styles of reading. Buy your own deck – don’t feel you have to wait to start your collection until someone gives you permission. 

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