Good Gut!

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Good Gut!

You know when you know something, but everyone else doesn’t? Being very intuitive, I recognize and honor my gut, while recognizing how critical it is. A distraught gut can wreak havoc on so many aspects of your life (i.e. sleep, digestion, anxiousness, low/no energy). 

We are in the age of Aquarius. This is the time to deeply connect and accept every aspect of yourself and honor it. So, if you have not already, please get to know your gut. Know it to the extent that you can sense if you are off balanced, and what it’s stemming from. You really are what you eat. So be mindful of what you put into your body (life force vs. processed, etc.)

One of the best gut health tips I know is to avoid drinking cold drinks while you eat food. The cold liquids make your insides go into shock and digestion comes to a screeching halt! You are aware that you are 98 degrees inside, right? We tune ourselves out due to conditioning so much that most of us feel that cold drinks are refreshing instead of shocking. To learn other healthy gut tips to keep you balanced, visit here.

It is interesting to me that the gut is also thought of as a measure of courage. Gutsy people seem courageous. Do you equate the gut with intuition, courage, or both? 

I have often felt that one of the benefits of a good gut was assistance with not worrying and being more calm. This is what I have found for myself. There is a real and direct connection between my intestines and my third eye as well as solar plexus. I recommend making that connection for yourself if you have not already. You are welcome in advance!

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